Mission Statement

The College of Engineering Leadership Council will strive ....

  • To become a model of leadership excellence for other councils to emulate.
  • To provide students in the Bourns College of Engineering with an avenue to develop their leadership and organizational skills through participation in activities and training, and by providing opportunities for community outreach.
  • To enhance the sense of community within the Bourns College of Engineering and promote diversity within the various professional organizations.
  • To encourage a spirit of fellowship and cooperation among the professional organizations and majors in the Bourns College of Engineering


  • Leadership Training
  • Fall Welcome
  • Engineering Week
  • End of the Year Banquet and Ball (Student Organizations Awards Ceremony)


  • LC will meet at least once a month, probably bimonthy.
  • Each meeting's length will depend on the topics at hand, but you may expect a meeting to be at least 45-60 minutes
  • Each organization has an active vote at all LC decisions.
  • The delegates of LC are typically Presidents or Vice Presidents. Howeever, any officer from a student organization organization may serve on the board for LC meetings.
  • Each student organization is expected to have at least one member at each LC meeting in order to voice the opinion of that organization
  • Members of the Executive Committee must attend all LC meetings, unless they've previously stated that they are unable to attend the meeting.